Welcome to the Ancient Steppes of Eurasia

The characters.

This story adheres as closely as possible to what is known about the history, religious practices and lifestyles of the inhabitants of ancient (what is now) Mongolia, Tibet and China. I've tried to stay true to what we know about the travelers and immigrants who passed by or came to stay via the Silk Road in the late fifth and early sixth centuries, A.D. And I've tried to recreate the geology, natural history, flora and fauna of the as accurately as possible.

So murindo! (That's Mongolian for "mount up and ride!")

The story begins

with the legend of the first ancestors of Chinghis Khan, the Blue Wolf and the White Fallow Doe.

The Prequel...

  • xiang
  • blue sage
  • horses
  • samhain
  • tianlin
  • avakh ekhner!
  • hotsprings
  • handfasting
  • feast

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